3S magnet

in the kitchen

3S magnet system of wall panels and kitchen accessories is the perfect choice for your kitchen. Our backsplashes are:

  • waterproof,
  • heat resistant,
  • easy to clean,
  • can hold any of the mangetic kitchen accessories or shelves.


3S magnet kitchen backsplashes are big monochromatic surfaces with very thin (almost invisible) seams. You can keep your kitchen as minimalistic or ornamental as you want –simply with adding or removing 3S magnetic kitchen accessories.

From our range of knife blocks, hooks, holders and shelves you can store everything you use on the daily basis on your kitchen wall. With 3S manget kitchen accessories your will have a clean worktop an more space!


Get an offer

If you want to receive a price list or an offer for a custom panel, please send us a message.

To make an offer for a custom panel we need dimensions and number of cutouts for electrical sockets.

You can fit 3S magnet backsplash panels in different ways:

as a full backsplash

We produce bespoke kichen backsplashes that are fitted to every aspect of your kitchen. You can fit a kitchen niche, an L-shaped kitchen or a U-shaped kitchen.

We also make cutouts for electrical sockets.

as a horizontal strip

You can fit a horizontal strip into your new or an already finished kitchen. It’s a great way to add storage space to your kitchen and clean out the counter!

as a protection against stains, heat, and water

If you need a kitchen wall panel, just to protect your existing kitchen backsplash from heat (gas or induction stoves), stains or water – 3S manget panels are a great solution. They serve as protection and kitchen wall organization system at the same time!

as a decorative panel or to gain storage space in and around the kitchen

3S magnet kitchen wall covering can also double as a pinup board – a place to proudly show your children’s artwork, a black board – to write down a shopping list or a reminder for your spouse or kids.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated design, we offer a range of wine glass holders and wine bottle holder, so you can exhibit your collection.

Choose your set of kitchen accessories!

Check our SHOP (online catalog) and make a list of the kitchen accessories you need in your kitchen!

We also offer different designs and strength of shelves, indoor planters and hooks.

Inspirations for your kitchen design


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